External storage

Scala Scientific together with Schipper Safestore offers facilities to store and transport biomedical samples and human tissue in secured cold storage. We offer various dust-free freezing chambers with climate-controlled, constant temperature of -86ºC degrees Celsius. We store your unique, fragile material safe and discrete; your unique research data, forensic material or samples will be in safe hands.

Safe cold storage of biomedical samples

storage1Biomedical material like human tissue and samples are usually valuable and fragile: In most cases it concerns years of research which should be stored safely. Schipper Safestore guarantees the safest possible storage solution for your unique material, without having to invest in expensive storage technology yourself. Our professional cold storage equipment with ultramodern communication system immediately reports any temperature change. Besides, Schipper Safestore offers power control guaranteed power supply. In case of emergency we have, besides an aggregate, professional freezers which maintain cold temperature for max. 72 hours.

Cold secured transport 

storage2Besides our professional cold storage facilities we offer secured cold transport. Thanks to our pick-up and return service with national coverage you can have your samples whenever you want, in perfect condition. Our vehicles have been equipped with a professional track & trace- system enabling you to check your shipment’s location at any time. In emergency cases Schipper Safestore will make sure your material will be delivered to you within max. 2 hours. We guarantee the safest possible storage in our professional secured freezers with a constant temperature of -86ºC degrees Celsius.