In collaboration with Plas-Labs and the US government, Scala Scientific has developed an Ebola Unit (according to the guidelines of the CDC) for mobile laboratories which are now delivered by the navy ship Karel Doorman in Sierra Leone.

The Negative Pressure Compact Glove Boxes of manufacturer Plas-Labs are being used during the work in Sierra Leone where safety of course is in first place in the fight against this disaster.

This specific Glove Box consists of the following:
A lock for export and import with the following internal dimensions: 304.8 x 279mm.
The lock includes a leveling plate, a vacuum gauge and two gas connections.

Standard in the workplace is a medically approved multiple
socket, two gas valves for purging, one pair of symmetrical white
Hypalon gloves, ceiling-mounted double HEPA filter package, equipment access door, removable top for the installation of equipment and a bright white acrylic base with molded Noryl support.

Double HEPA filtration Package includes: clear acrylic filter houses,
and exhaust HEPA filters (99.99% @ 0.3 microns), negative pressure exhaust blower
with 101,6mm OD house outlet connection, two Magnehelic meters (one for
measuring the chamber pressure and one for measuring the pressure difference across the
exhaust filter), on / off switch, and a pressure gauge filter.

The HEPA filter housings are designed so that the filters can be replaced from the workspace.


Outside Dimensions: 1346 x 787 x 1118mm (wxdxh)
Inside Dimensions: 889 x 737 x 762mm (wxdxh)
Access Door: 546 x 546mm (wxh)


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