DF8517 Duo-Safe – 484 liter


The ilShinBioBase Europe Duo-Safe cooling system is a new design and provides the highest reliability and security for your samples. Two individually controlled compressors provide an exceptionally stable -86ºC environment. The compressors work together in the machine, and in case of unexpected failure of one of the cooling circuits, the other circuit will automatically take over and maintain a stable temperature of -80ºC, constantly protecting your samples until service can be arranged.

State of the art safety for your samples: The ilShinBioBase Europe Duo-Safe cooling system and the new touch-screen control unit which is installed at eye-level. The new touch-screen panel provides al the information you need from your ULT freezer, such as: temperature graphs, event history, installed rack information and more. Also included is the app for your mobile device (iOS and Android) which allows you to control and check your freezer on distance.

Where are my samples?

A question you have probably heard to many times, but not any more. The Duo-Safe freezer comes with an easy to use rack information system, which allows you to check where your samples are without opening the -86ºC freezer. Just simply input a name for your sample rack. This could be an user name, but also the name of a type of sample in the rack.


Temperature range: -40ºC to -86ºC (factory set on -80ºC) uniformity: +/- 3ºC
Refrigeration hydrocarbon natural refrigerants (CFC/ HFC free) safety compliant EN60335-2-24
Average power consumption 0.50 kWh 12 kWh / 24 h
Dimensions Internal: 600x630x1290mm
Shipping dimensions 1150x1050x2200mm
Weight Net: 380 kg Shipping: 400 kg